News of TrustInet

January 2007. The project has reported progress for year 2006. Tekes has reconfirmed funding for year 2007.

December 2006. Project visitors at ICSI have contributed to creation of Berkeley-Finland center for Internet architectures.

December 2006. Project test servers and PlanetLab servers are moved to an experimental network having 1 Gbps connectivity to FUNET.

October 2006. Course T-110.7290 Research Seminar on Network Security is taught by Andrei Gurtov at HIIT/TML.

29.10.06 - 01.11.06. The project has contributed to organization and participation to Dagstuhl Seminar 06441: Naming and Addressing for Next-Generation Internetworks in Germany.

5.10.2006. The project has organized a full-day research seminar with invited researchers from TKTL. Project goals and current progress has been discussed.

11.9.2006. The project has presented a poster and a talk on the GIGA seminar related to PIMRC conference.

23.5.2006. A TrustInet poster was presented at Nokia-TKK workshop.

May 2006. Andrei Gurtov has attended a Tekes-organized trip to MIT and Washington to present ongoing projects in the HIIT Future Internet program.

March 2006. Funding decision received from Tekes. Project recruitment starts.